Transformational Angel Healing

Healing your Heart so you're not held back from a life you love

This isn't your ordinary Healing...

It's something a little special

Old patterns, limiting beliefs and repressed emotions prevent lasting, positive change and are locked within your unconscious mind and reflected in your energy field.

Deep, personal transformation can only happen when the whole you is held, accepted and loved.

I've developed a powerful approach designed to create the most amount of positive change to free you from your past so you can live a life you love.

Held. Healed. Whole.

I use a powerful healing technique which effortlessly sweeps away stale, dense and negative energies.

The same blocked energies that prevent you from resolving inner conflict, letting go of toxic situations, or moving on from heartbreak.

Your energy field is replenished with divine energies which nurture and raise your vibration.

Then, Tarot guides you with exactly what you need to know to support your transformation and healing journey.

Suddenly, your mind is clear. Your heart joyful. Your soul at peace.

You. Unlocked.

Positive change becomes easy.

What held you back before, no longer has the same grip.

And, your dreams become reality...

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Every Sunday I send nourishing healing energies to all names written in my Book of Healing so please enter your name as you'd like it written.

Hi! I'm Emma Vergara

I help lovely people like you find the direction they need to become more fulfilled and happier in their lives


If you’re struggling with heartbreak, going through new beginnings, seek positive changes or are in the throes of your spiritual unfolding, then I’m your girl!


As a Reiki Therapist and Tarot Reader I've developed a unique approach to get you back into harmony and loving balance, which combines Tarot, Healing and Coaching

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