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1 Simple Technique to Call Love into your Life

Rumi wrote this in the 1200s and 700 years later in the 1990s, the Holographic Universe theory was brought to science, suggesting all 3D information is contained within its 2D boundaries⁣.

In the same way DNA contains the blueprint for life, all cells start out with all of the information needed to create the human body⁣.

But what does this mean for you when you all you really want is to experience is love?⁣

Your heart produces the most powerful electromagnetic field in your body and within is your access to the divine and expanded states of unconditional love⁣.

Beyond 3D reality and into Oneness, love is the wave of creation which connects everything in unity and your heart is the purest way of accessing⁣ that force.

When you’re there, you understand that you don’t actually need someone to experience love, because it already exists inside of you⁣, and you experience it for every living thing, irrespective of whether you’re in a romantic relationship or not.

This all sounds very new-age and cryptic but trust me, this is very real for each of you⁣.

I would never have conceived this until I began embodying a heart-centred spiritual practice and within a few months experienced an awakening in my heart that left me suspended in unconditionally loving bliss, for several days.

Now, years on, I experience unconditional love as a daily constant. Isn’t this what we reach for on the spiritual path?

The first step is getting into your ‘heart space’, which is essentially operating from a place of being rather than doing⁣.

Moving from thinking into feeling. From your head, into your heart⁣.

An overactive mental body or closed down root chakra can lead to ‘being in your head’, with thoughts racing at 100mph, constantly jumping from one obligation or worry, to the next.

If you’re one of those people (as I was), it’ll take a little more disciplined effort for you to slow your thought processes down and make this a daily habit, BUT the rewards are so much fuller, if you do.

By embodying love and gratitude as a daily practice.

If you’re suffering, ’embodying love and gratitude’ might seem wishy-washy, but everything is a choice. Including how you feel⁣.

By changing your thoughts, you change your feelings⁣.

By learning to forgive and be compassionate⁣.

Forgiveness. Here’s a sore topic. Why should you forgive somebody who’s betrayed you or hurt you terribly?

Here’s why: Every event you’ve ever experienced leaves an impression within your energy field.

If somebody hurts you terribly and causes you significant pain and you either haven’t recovered or the emotion hasn’t fully released, the energy is stored within your field. It lays dormant until a thought or event triggers the memory and the emotion surfaces again.

Not only that, cords are formed between people, places or objects of focus.

This is very normal and usually benign. For example, cords are formed between the heart chakras of two people that are in love, and between those cords energy is exchanged, this can be fulfilling and uplifting, but if that couple were to suffer a terrible breakup, the energetic signature of those cords changes (I usually this in varying shades of grey, or in severe cases black) and the energy that flows between those cords can fuel the pain you experience, even from afar.

By forgiving you call your energy back from that person, thus releasing your attachment and you release their energy from you.

Note that cord cutting is required for significantly painful situations and a skilled healer such as myself, can cut those cords for you (You can find out how to work with me here)

You forgive not because they deserve it, but because you deserve peace.

To begin a heart centred practice, here’s a simple meditation:

  • Focus your awareness on your heart chakra⁣
  • Silence your thoughts by listening⁣ to everything around you
  • Breathe in allowing love to permeate and fill every cell⁣
    As you exhale breathe out gratitude, offering your thanks for everything you love and everything you want to bring into your life
Breathe in love Breathe out Gratitude

Over time and with dedicated practice, this will lead you into your heart; the portal to the universe. Love will unfurl in your heart and you’ll no longer need a man or woman in your life, to experience the love that is your divine inheritance.

When you embody what you want to experience without attachment, your energy calls it to you. That’s the essence of manifestation!

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