I lead you through your inner landscape, releasing your lost pieces from your past. You find your power and fall in love... With yourself!

Emma Vergara

Ever since I was a little girl, I only ever wanted to help people.

Really help people. Not just create change...

But, change lives.

It all started when I was propelled onto a 15 year journey into the mystical world of spirit, where I learned the hard way how to deeply-love myself and become a Warrior of the Light.

For years I lived from a place of fear, which manifested as Anxiety and Body Dysmorphia. I struggled socially, my relationships were toxic and the only way I felt good about myself was through dance and  obsessive weight lifting - But, one day this ended with an injury that changed everything.

I herniated my disk and couldn't walk for 3 months. I was told I'd never weight lift again. My whole world crumbled around me - I was devastated as my single source of 'self-esteem' was ripped away from me, leaving me unable to exercise for 5 years. I was disgusted whenever I looked in the mirror and poured self-loathing into my body. I had never been more unhappy.

But, this all changed.

A spontaneous Kundalini Awakening followed by a year long 'Dark Night of the Soul', taught me the most profoundly beautiful insights in how to move from fear-consciousness into love-consciousness. 

When I looked in the mirror I no longer felt repulsed by what I saw - I saw myself for who I truly was - and felt unwavering, unconditional love. Now, I am full of love, full of light, with a deep inner peace and playful joy that is only possible when you free yourself from your story.

With everything life has taught me, I condense 15 years of intensive Spiritual teachings to guide those who have tried everything in the past to find-self love, but have only found disappointment and temporary fixes...

Until now.

My unique blend of Healing, Tarot, Psychology and Coaching shifts you into your heart, where you can finally fully accept and love yourself for exactly who you are.

You are guided step-by-step along a unique system that is designed to help you...

fall in love with you!

When you create life from a place of love - magic happens. You're confident, balanced and free to live your very best life, attracting the people and situations which nourish, support and uplift you.

Sometimes all it takes is a gentle hand to release you from your past and show you what you are capable of.

Because, if I can get through what I went through...

You can too.


Self-Love Coach




Tarot Reader

My Philosophy

I believe the path to freedom comes from accepting and loving all that you are, including the dark, scary parts!


There is nothing more important in this lifetime than finding and cultivating self-love - as we create our lives from how we feel about ourselves.


Change how you feel about yourself and you change your life.



Past Life & Ancestral Healing





Soul Retrieval

I've developed a unique system which combines 15 years of spiritual practice with psychology, energy work, coaching and psychic insight to help you fall in love with the whole you.


My work involves healing Past Lives, Ancestral Trauma and Soul Retrieval. I see the exact cause of your present issues and clear it at the source. I open and harmonise your chakras, then re-align you back to place of harmony and peace.


Not only that but I initiate you into your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy.


Not just a Reiki Therapist, Angel Healer, Tarot Reader, Akashic Record Channeller and Clairvoyant, but Coach with a life-long love of Psychology - I combine all of my skills to give you a unique healing experience.


I help you uncover your truth - your Vibrant, Radiant Self that has been hidden by the story of your past. I guide you step-by-step on your healing journey to free you from your past so you fully embrace and deeply love who you really are.


Find out how you can work with me below, or get in touch with your questions!