Emma Vergara

Ever since I was a little girl, I only ever wanted to help people.

Really help people. Not just create change...

But, change lives.

It all started when I was gifted with my first Tarot deck at 21...

I was propelled on a 14 year journey into the mystical world of spirit, where I learned the hard way, how to become a Warrior of the Light.

I've had more 'dark nights of the soul' than I can count, and I've come out the other end, shining.

I apply everything I've ever learned to create nurturing experiences for my clients, to uplift and inspire, empower and transform.

Because if I can get through what I went through...

You can too.


Tarot Reader


Reiki Therapist


Empowerment Coach

My Philosophy

I believe the path to true happiness, peace & emotional freedom comes from accepting and loving all that you are, including the dark, scary parts!

My mission is to help you dissolve emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that stop you from living your best life.

When you find your lost pieces and learn how to flow with life, you unlock your gifts and... magic happens.


Light Worker





Angel Healer

I use a combined approach of Tarot, Reiki and Coaching to create loving shifts in the hearts and minds of my clients

This is results driven.


Tarot creates conscious shifts while Energy Healing dissolves energetic and emotional inhibitors to your happiness, while coaching brings your shifts to life with empowered action so you can create lasting, positive change.


I help you get clear on what's holding you back and ease you into personal transformation which leaves you feeling more balanced, peaceful and joyful.


I work closely with the Angelic realm so you're always held in the most nurturing space, with the very purest energies healing and guiding you.


Find out how you can work with me below, or get in touch with your questions!