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How the Tiger Taught me to Disappear

Here is my entry into Lujan Matus’s 2019 Scholarship Programme. I trained with him last year and it was the catalyst for so much… Lujan laid me bare then planted the seeds when I wasn’t looking. He demonstrated the Art of Stalking with masterful precision, holding a flame to my story as I watched it


Call love

1 Simple Technique to Call Love into your Life

Rumi wrote this in the 1200s and 700 years later in the 1990s, the Holographic Universe theory was brought to science, suggesting all 3D information is contained within its 2D boundaries⁣.⁣In the same way DNA contains the blueprint for life, all cells start out with all of the information needed to create the human body⁣.⁣But


How to Love Yourself Even When You Don’t

How to Love Yourself Even When You Don’t How to love yourself starts with you. Growing up, she was bright, timid, shy. Always pleasing, always appeasing, doing everything she could to get that sweet approval she so desired. Deep down, she hated herself. She hated her life and wanted to die.   When she spoke


Starchild Tarot Ace of Cups Ace of Wands Ace of Swords Ace of Pentacles

What are Tarot Cards?

For over 500 years Tarot has been used to predict the future and unravel the mysteries of the universe. The first recorded Tarot Deck was made for Italian Nobles! It’s thought Tarot originated as a game but other theories suggest the Tarot was used to hide the secrets of the Tree of Life.


Wild Unknown Tarot Cards Empress 3 of Wands

Wild Unknown Tarot Reading: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Free Tarot Reading! Here’s your free Tarot Reading for Valentines day, from one of my favourite decks, The Wild Unknown! 💕 He loves me.. He loves me not… He loves me… Oh yea he loves you, girl! Mmm! You’ve sprung into full bloom, standing in your full feminine power. Radiant. Exuberant. Divine. It pours off


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