Mesquite Tarot Tower 6 of Swords

Mesquite Tarot Card Reading for 20th Jan: Now is The Time

Today I asked how you lovely people can move through the energies of the Total Lunar Eclipse and the Tarot spoke with The Tower Reversed and Six of Swords Reversed.

One by one, rose petals fall away. What once sustained her, no longer gives her life and a new cycle begins in her journey of growth.

She sways, afraid of what change might bring, clinging onto each petal, fighting the cycle of seasons. The Lunar Eclipse will stir this and bring it into the forefront.

If this is you, know that your current circumstance is still, motionless and has been so for some time now.

Yes, it’s easier to ignore what’s happening and cling onto comfort, but this a period of renewal… A huge opportunity for you to sweep away what’s not working for you, so you can start what will.

Perhaps you’re trying to push ahead with a relationship after picking up the pieces, but not making progress with your boo. Perhaps your trust was shattered but you kept on keeping on, not wanting to be alone.

Know that You Are Enough.

You have the strength to create something beautiful out of this listless terrain.

A new chapter that gives you life and makes your soul sing.

This is a time for you to check in with your Higher Self and get your soul realigned with what gives you purpose. Ask for signs, see where they lead you. This might feel scary. But know that you are capable of moving through anything and this situation has gone on too long.

Now it’s time for something different.

What dream have you always held but never made real?

Be bold. Stand tall and unafraid. Start anew and create your dreams. Because now is your chance to make them real.

Love & Light


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