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Mesquite Tarot Card Reading for 31st Jan: Here’s Why You Can’t Ignore Your Calling Any Longer

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Today’s message comes from the Mesquite Tarot… Beautifully simple and organic.

You’ve ignored your higher calling for too long and now spirit is banging down your door, calling you to choose a path that excites and delights you, igniting your passion and Soul Purpose. ⁣

Maybe you’ve been overwhelmed by options, blinded by choice, leaving you locked in stagnation or exploring too many things at once and not your refining your skills in one area.⁣

These cards are calling you to take decisive action and pick the thing that makes your soul sing.

You have a special calling in this life time and a gift the world needs to see.

You can’t ignore your calling any longer. It’s now or never!⁣ ⁣

Dedicate your time and effort to exploring your soul path.

When you’ve discovered it, you’ll just know and it’ll unfold like the flower that’s been waiting for you.⁣

Namaste people!


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