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Mesquite Tarot Reading for 30th Jan: What’s Falling Away?

Free Tarot Reading using the simple, yet organic Mesquite Tarot to bring you a message straight from the divine.

Together, the 10 of Wands Rx and Page of Swords Rx signal the end of something that has strained you for a while, granting you relief and release so you can move on and write a new chapter in your book of life.

This might come in the form of unpleasant news or you could be the one delivering the news to somebody who you’re fed up with. The Page of Swords in reversed indicates over-analysis, obsessive thinking and jealousy that culminates in checking phones and email. In this case, the truth will out and you’ll be better off for it.

You might be on the receiving end of trash talk but the Ten of Wands Rx says this situation will soon be over and you can wash your hands of it for good.

At first, this might feel rubbish but the situation has gone on too long and secretly, you may have wished for it to end so you could be free of it Know that there’s no further growth as this stands, so it heralds positive new beginnings if you lovingly integrate the lesson

Affirmation: I welcome new beginnings that excite my mind, body and soul

Career-wise, this could be the end of a stressful project or role. The ending may bruise but in time you’ll see it’s cause for celebration as it gives you the opportunity for you to channel your passions into a new venture.

Affirmation: I channel my passion into what I love Spiritually, you’re on the verge of a breakthrough. You had to get through some tough shit but now you’re on the other side.

This will free up huge amounts of personal power to anchor more of your divinity into your human form. Your angels are celebrating your achievement! Ask them for guidance for the your next step

Affirmation: I meet all challenges with compassion and unconditional love

Namaste people!


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