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Need a change? Here’s 5 Signs You’re Ready to Embrace Change

Need a change?

As a kid, things were so much simpler. Unless you had a particularly difficult childhood, the biggest problems you faced was the boredom of waiting in the checkout line while your mum bought groceries, or convincing your dad to take you to the toy store for a full-on, child-crazed toy-frenzy.

But now that you’re an adult, your problems are oh so much more complex. And I’m not talking #firstworldproblems when you embarrassingly mess up your triple-shot, extra wet, skinny macchiato, but problems and choices that are literally life-changing.

Deciding whether that career change is really worth the trouble, if it’s the right time to sell up and purchase out of state or whether to end your comfortable, but unfulfilling long-term relationship.

I Have a Dream…

The problem is, it’s so easy to become lost in routine and complacency born from comfort.   You enjoy that safe, predictable salary from your safe, predictable job. Safe, predictable lazy Sundays spent with your safe, predictable partner. Safe, predictable… You fill in the rest 🙂

But, what if there’s more? What do you when adventure tickles your senses and how do you know you’re ready for change?  

Here Are 5 Signs You’re Ready to Embrace Change

1. You Keep Attracting the Same People That Cause you Heartache

From the lovers who are careless with your heart, to a string of cheating ex’s or those who belittle you and make you feel like you’re not destined for more.

In life, patterns continue to surface until the core lessons within are recognised and integrated, which ultimately leads to your growth and personal transformation.

Those patterns are direct manifestations of how you’ve come to value yourself over the course of your life.

Unfortunately, many people don’t uphold themselves lovingly, and if you don’t value yourself, you attract people who don’t value you either.


Every. Single. Situation. In. Life yields a unique opportunity for growth.

It might not feel like it at the time, but these situations, people and patterns are showing you something of enormous value, and if you are prepared to step back from your heartache and observe the greater lesson, you can free up enormous amounts of energy from the patterns that once bound you and blossom into the person you’ve always dreamed of.    

2. You’re Overwhelmed    

How to Make a Change feeling overwhelmed

Balancing the demands of your career with your childcare schedule, smashing your lunch-time spinning class, studying for your next career leap, then somehow managing to keep up with your social life is exhausting… And you don’t quite have time for everything else you should be doing…

Enter guilt.

The gap between how you feel about yourself and your idealised self-concept creates sadness, disappointment or shame.

So, you push yourself harder to achieve all the things you think you should be doing, but it’s a fine balancing act between juggling your priorities and making one wrong step and everything crashing down around you.

That sudden feeling of overwhelm can be debilitating and stop you in your tracks.  

You can only spin plates for so long before something radical has to change.   Ask yourself:

“What do I believe about myself that causes me to do this?”


“Is what I’m doing supportive of my wellbeing and long-term goals?”

3. You HATE Mondays and Live For Paydays    

It’s Sunday and you get that pre-Monday panic at 17:00, then frantically count your relaxation minutes before bedtime. Then, when Monday rolls around you begrudgingly pull yourself out of bed and hit rage-filled commuter traffic for a day of meetings about meetings.   You clock-watch and count the minutes until it’s finally home time, only to begin the same routine again, day after day until finally, a chorus of angels herald the arrival of the weekend…

But, what if you didn’t dread Mondays because your income came from your biggest passion in life?

Whether that’s cake decoration, photography or dreams of being a travel blogger…

What’s holding you back from making your dream a reality?

Ask yourself:

“What belief stops me from going after my dreams?”

4. You Have a Dream but You’re Afraid to Chase it

One of the core reasons people don’t pursue their big dreams in life is the need to feel safe and lack of faith.

You don’t believe you’re good enough, smart or talented enough to take the first step towards your dreams. And if you do, you stop in your tracks and retrace to the start line with another excuse as to why now, is not the right time.


“You can only ever be not enough when you’re comparing yourself to other people.”

Here’s the thing. You’ll never be who you compare yourself to because you are just as unique as they are.

When you undermine your self-worth by reducing ‘who you are’ to a few words: “I’m not enough”, you limit your potential and block opportunities that bring you ultimate fulfilment.

Let’s trash, “I’m not enough” for a moment and say you ARE enough, what then?   What would life look like?

The story you tell yourself replays throughout your life and defines your future.

Having a strong sense of who you are and your core values, sets you free.   When you value yourself, you create a life you value.

Read more about this here: How To Love Yourself Even When You Don’t

5. Your Bad Habits Creep In    

Eating that huge bar of chocolate feels so, so good, but when it’s over, all you’re left with post-chocolate shame and the question: “How many minutes on the treadmill to work this off?”

Reaching for that mid-week bottle of wine, getting a match when swiping right or keeping your ex off your mind with a steamy (but regrettable) hook-up, are examples of Instant Gratification.

They all feel good at the time but once the happiness wears off, you’re left with the same emptiness that drove you to search for that buzz, in the first place.

If we feel empty or want to pacify how we feel, we search for quick hits of happiness to mask discontent.

But, happiness born from Instant Gratification is fleeting, addictive and doesn’t bring lasting fulfilment.  

“We literally become addicted to the Pursuit of Happiness.”

The key to dissolving this cycle is identifying and doing the things that bring you fulfilment.

Fulfilment is different from Happiness in that it brings you closer to your goals and dreams for the future.

Each step you take towards your dreams is one step away from emptiness.

Ask yourself:  

“What brings me fulfilment?”

How Tarot Healing Can Help

No matter what problem you have, choice you face or change you want: there is a solution for everything and the solution is as unique as you are.  

Sometimes, it’s as simple as taking two steps to the left and seeing yourself with a new perspective.

My clients ask me “How can I change my life?” and I reply:

All change comes from within.

There’s no use packing up and moving to another town to start anew if your internal worries and limiting-beliefs follow you.

I combine Tarot, Energy Healing and coaching to help my clients who need a change in their lives by identifying what’s holding you back then dissolve emotional blocks and inhibitors to your success with Reiki, infusing you with the positive energy needed to make a positive change!

Coaching then brings the shifts to life with conscious action to keep you on track and your chakras open and harmonious.

Tarot is a powerful tool for personal transformation.

Tarot shows you what story you’re telling yourself, how it plays out in your life and different versions of your future so you’re better informed to make decisions which create a future you truly want…

Whether that’s the dream career, a fairytale romance or something more.  

But, it all starts with recognising where you are in your journey, releasing you from negative patterns and shifting your perspective from:

“I can’t do this.” to “I am worthy of my dreams.”

Tell me, what do you want your story to be?

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