Finding Calm Tarot Reiki Healing

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Stress. Anxiety. Worry.

Finding it difficult to wind down and relax…

Constant worry leading to anxiety attacks…

Feelings of overwhelm…

When you get into that space, it’s difficult to get out and constant stress  dominates your thoughts and spreads into other areas, affecting your work, family life and relationships.

Rest assured, this session is designed to get you back into neutral.

A place of calm and peace.

As somebody who has intimate experience of anxiety and the incredible benefits of energy healing, I want to share this gift with you and lift you out of a place of fear and into a place of calm.

Everything you experience originates in your energy field, including stress, fear and anxiety.

This Tarot Reiki Healing session neutralises and removes fear based, stressful energy from your energy field, then shines a light and deconstructs your biggest challenges with Tarot, providing you with actionable steps to maintain a sense of equilibrium and calm.

Core Healing benefits:

  • Each session is designed to get you back into loving balance.
  • Removal of fear-based energies within the energy field that contributes to anxiety
  • Soothes stress by addressing imbalances within your chakra system

Core Tarot Benefits:

  • Designed to create the most amount of positive change in your life by supporting the energy shifts with steps to inner peace and calm
  • Reveals the root of your problem so you can stop addressing symptoms and start addressing the cause
  • Cut through illusion to give you clarity and peace of mind

And more, depending on your unique situation.

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Note: Healing and Tarot work mustn’t substitute medical help. If you’re reaching breaking point or feeling suicidal, please contact a medical professional.


What would life look like if you were free?

For every challenge you face, there's usually a deeper unconscious belief and energetic block that inhibits your potential in creating your reality as you want it.

Old patterns creep up. Negative emotions, destructive thought patterns, self-judgement, insecurity, worry, fear…

How you view yourself and the world, defines your reality and your energy field reflects your overall consciousness.

It literally holds your life story.

So by addressing your problems at the energetic root, and supporting those changes with conscious shifts, you can experience lasting, positive change.

What is Tarot Energy Healing?

I’ve developed a powerful approach to tackling problems at their root, by addressing both the conscious and energetic blocks to your overall sense of well-being, peace and happiness.

By clearing and harmonising your chakra system and energy field, this opens up new possibilities for you and a sense of freedom in life working for you rather than against you.

For maximum effectiveness, energy shifts need to be supported by conscious changes to prevent falling back into old habits and patterns, which is why you’ll receive a transformational Tarot Reading that tells you exactly what you need to know to remain in harmony.

You’ll discover:
  • The source of your stress and why those energy blocks occurred in the first place
  • How to support your healing and not fall into old patterns
  • Personal guidance from the cards to act as catalyst for personal transformation and keep you in loving balance
Some benefits of a Healing:
  • You feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted from you
  • Relieve stress, fear and anxiety
  • Deeper levels of inner peace
  • Easier to adopt a positive mindset
  • Increased ability to take positive action
  • More clarity and direction in your life
  • Freedom from intense emotions
  • Clear mind with increased focus
  • Feel fully supported and held
  • Improved overall physical health
  • Attract positive people and situations into your life!
  • Promotes and restores balance within your overall consciousness
The Session

We connect at the scheduled appointment time over Skype, then you relax while I do all of the work.

You’re held in a nurturing space while I channel the highest, most loving energies to soothe and heal your aura.

As I’m clairvoyant I can see what’s happening in your energy field and instinctively know what to work on. I harmonise and open your chakra system and look for and extract blockages.

You’ll receive detailed feedback and any intuitive messages that come through for you.

Then, we go over your cards and you’ll walk away with practical information to really bring your healing home.

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