Life & Career Tarot Reading

From: £30.00

This reading is for all of you Boss Babes who are looking for answers in all things career related.

From finding out whether that new job will be yours, questions around whether that promotion or career leap will be emotionally and financially rewarding, to dealing with stressful situations at work and wanting to learn strategies to deal with it.

Tarot takes a snapshot of your playing field and gives you clarity on the dominant factors forming your situation.

With this reading you could:

  • Find out your chances of getting that job or promotion
  • Look at what factors are influencing your situation and what to watch out for
  • Discover how different paths could work out for you
  • Reveal the best strategies in dealing with challenging people
  • Shows how different actions could change the landscape of your life

At all times you have free will so it’s important to remember that the cards are a guide but you are the creator of your own destiny. If something doesn’t resonate, use your discernment and throw it away!