Quantum Reiki Angel Healing

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This is a special Angel Healing which soothes and surrounds you in the purest energies, to sweep away disharmony and leave you in loving balance.

Relax, while you receive a nourishing Quantum Reiki Angel Healing which powerfully removes the blocked energy that keeps you in fear, internal conflict, old patterns, negative thinking and overwhelming emotions.

Your aura will be bathed in divine energies from the Angelic realm while you’re surrounded and comforted by the Angels and Archangels I work with, who send their unconditionally loving healing energy through our connection.

Once your energy is cleansed:

  • You’ll feel relaxed, lighter, freer
  • Positive changes become easier and you’ll have more clarity and direction in your life
  • You’ll find it easier to adopt a positive mindset
  • Freedom from intense emotions and a clear mind
  • Reduction in fear, anxiety and stress
  • Feel fully supported and divinely guided by the Universe
  • Attract and manifest positive people and situations into your life!
  • You just ‘feel good’!
  • A stronger sense of your place in the world

As I’m clairvoyant, I see what’s happening within your Aura and instinctively know what to work on.

After each healing you receive detailed feedback about the condition of your energy, what I worked on and intuitive insights or messages that come through for you.

You’ll learn why your chakras became imbalanced in the first place and receive steps to keep yourself in loving balance and harmony.

This is truly a special experience.

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Held. Healed. Whole.

For every problem in life, there's usually a deeper unconscious block that inhibits your success and limits your full potential.

Your beliefs and mindset create your reality and your mind will always go back to what's familiar.

But, for many people, what's familiar hurts their chances for positive, lasting change.

If what's familiar is hurting your chances of positive change, then we need to address the root cause, by clearing and harmonising your energy field. It's these blocks that keep you in looped in negative emotions, fear based thoughts and old patterns.

Positive decisions become easier and life flows into place when old, stuck, stale energy is removed.

What is Energy Healing?

Healing restores the proper flow of energy within your body by neutralising and removing dense energy that's become blocked.

As a healer, I act as a pure channel and conduit for unconditional love and life force energy to flow through me and into you.

Because that energy is of the highest vibration, your energy system raises to meet that vibration in what’s called ‘resonance’ and that’s when healing takes place.

In response to the higher frequency energies, you actually continue the healing after our session ends, as your body has the innate ability to heal itself.

However, when I’m healing you I can see all of the blockages and I use specific techniques to clear your aura and send them into the light.

Everything goes to the light.

What is the session like?

We connect at the scheduled appointment time over Skype, then you relax while I do all of the work.

You're held in the purest, most nurturing space while I channel your healing from the Angelic Realm. My healing team are an ensemble of Archangels, Ascended Masters and Saints who work for your greatest good. Their energies channel through our connection, to powerfully sweep away lower vibrational energies in your aura.

As I'm clairvoyant, I'll provide you detailed feedback around what I saw during your healing and what I worked on.

This is a special experience.

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Healing Length

Soothing 60 minutes, Nourishing 90 minutes, Block of 3 90 minute sessions