Relationship and Love Tarot Reading

From: £30.00

If you have questions about love and can’t find the answers, this Love Tarot Reading is perfect for you.

Do you yearn for a special connection that makes you feel alive, but find the faerie tale falls short? 

Maybe you’re struggling in a relationship and want to make love last?

Or same issues keep repeating themselves and you can’t find a way to break the cycle?

Everyone deserves to be loved and valued, which is why this Tarot Reading will shine a light and unravel the problem you face, to get you into more satisfying place.

Sometimes the secret lies in you.

For every issue there’s usually a deeper, unconscious block which gets in your way of your power and potential to create the love you want.

This Tarot reading is all about creating positive changes in love and relationships, and will help you understand what’s not working, so you can start what will… And get that delicious love you deserve.

  • You’ll get the solutions and clarity you need to heal your current relationships or attract love
  • Learn what’s blocking you from experiencing lasting love
  • We’ll deconstruct your problem, look at influencing factors and incoming energies so you can overcome difficulties
  • Learn what to let go of and so you can create healthy relationships
  • Find confidence to make positive changes in love and relationships
  • Shift your focus from what’s causing you pain to what gives you strength