Transformational Tarot Angel Healing

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Clear your path with a powerful Tarot Energy Healing so you’re free to create the life you deserve.

If you’re feeling lost or stuck in a rut and want to make a change in your life, but everything you’ve already tried hasn’t worked, this is the perfect session for you.

When everything you’ve done before leads you back to the same people and situations that cause you heartache, then you know something has to change!

Even better if you want to take your inner work to the next level and are ready for deep transformation!

This Tarot Energy Healing session is designed to create the most amount of positive change in your life by identifying exactly what’s holding you back and clearing it at the source.

Then, I’ll consult the Tarot to find out exactly what you need to know to get you where you want to be.

Core Healing benefits:

  • Identifies what’s holding you back and energetically clear it, layer by layer
  • Infuse you with nourishing energies that promote and restore balance within your overall consciousness, helping you to take clear, decisive action
  • Soothes stress by correcting imbalances within your chakra system

Core Tarot Benefits:

  • Designed to work hand-in-hand with your healing by revealing your steps to success so you can climb high and not fall back into old patterns
  • Discover the inner-work fundamental to your transformation

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What would life look like if you could conquer any obstacle?

For every problem in life, there's usually a deeper unconscious block that inhibits your success and limits your full potential for creating your dream life.

From lacking the confidence to go after your dreams, being overwhelmed by your busy schedule, to everything you've tried before leading you back to the same people and situations that cause you frustration or heartache.

Your beliefs and mindset create your reality and your mind will always go back to what's familiar.

But, for many people, what's familiar hurts their chances for positive, lasting change.

What is Tarot Energy Healing?

I've developed a powerful approach to tackling problems at their root, by addressing both the conscious and unconscious energetic blocks to your success.

If what's familiar is hurting your chances of positive change, then we need to address the root cause, by clearing and harmonising your energy field. It's these blocks that keep you in looped in negative emotions, fear based thoughts and old patterns.

Positive decisions become easier and life flows into place when old, stuck, stale energy is removed.

Energetic shifts need to be supported by conscious changes to prevent falling back into destructive habits and patterns, which is why you'll also receive a transformational Tarot Reading which tells you exactly what you need to know to remain in conscious harmony with unconscious and energetic shifts.

You'll discover how those energy blocks occurred in the first place and receive personal guidance from the cards, which covers how you can support your healing and not fall back into old patterns, coaching and empowering you with actionable steps to move ahead with grace, strength and clarity.

You’ll discover:
  • Why those energy blocks occurred in the first place
  • How to support your healing and not fall into old patterns
  • Personal guidance from the cards to act as catalyst for personal transformation and keep you in loving balance
Benefits of a Healing:
  • You feel lighter, as if as weight has been lifted from you
  • Deeper levels of inner peace
  • Easier to adopt a positive mindset
  • Increased ability to take positive action
  • More clarity and direction in your life
  • Freedom from intense emotions
  • Clear mind with increased focus
  • Reduction in fear, anxiety and stress
  • Feel fully supported and divinely guided
  • Improved overall physical health
  • Attract positive people and situations into your life!
  • Promotes and restores balance within your overall level of consciousness
What is the session like?

We connect at the scheduled appointment time over Skype, then you relax while I do all of the work.

You’re held in a nurturing space while I channel the highest, most loving energies to soothe and heal your aura.

As I’m clairvoyant I can see what’s happening in your energy field and instinctively know what to work on. I harmonise and open your chakra system and look for and extract blockages.

You’ll receive detailed feedback and any intuitive messages that come through for you.

Then, we go over your cards and you’ll walk away with practical information to really bring your healing home.

This really is special, empowering and powerful.

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