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Starchild Tarot Card Reading for 24th Jan: Fulfilling Relationships Ahead…

I’m so excited to share this with you today for one of you lucky sausages.

The Two of Cups and Nine of Cups together are a confirmation that you’ll soon meet, or deepen that delicious connection with the person of your dreams. It’ll feel like all of your birthdays have come at once.

The Two of Cups is one of the ‘Happy Relationship’ cards and speaks of that divine union when two people come together who are magnetically attracted to each other, perfectly vibing on the same level and enjoy shared passions and pursuits.

Like two puzzle pieces coming together.

The Nine of Cups is one of Tarot’s Wish Cards, or more accurately, all your wishes coming true, with that deep satisfaction of knowing you’ve travelled a long path and you deserve what’s coming into your life!

The Nines are also ‘ending’ cards, in that, a cycle has reached maturity, which makes me feel this connection will bring lasting excitement and joy.

It’ll feel electric.

But a gentle reminder: Stay grounded! It’s easy to let love carry you away and if you want this connection to last shared commitment and emotional maturity is needed on both sides.

Affirmation: I love and receive love freely

Spiritually, your practice has been strong and your connection to the divine is deepening. Your love for life and yourself is blossoming and you’re aligning with your Soul Purpose. With that perfect alignment comes abundance, which is ready to flow into your life, if you tell the universe you’re ready to receive it!

Affirmation: Abundance flows into my life.

From a business perspective, you might be an entrepreneur who has worked your ass off to extend your network and find others to collaborate with in a mutually rewarding way. Or you could’ve been searching for your dream job with little success. Or, you have been in negotiations to secure a lucrative contract. In all of these cases, these cards signify a financially rewarding time for you, and growth over the long-term. With both cards being cups, which represents emotion, you’ll be buzzing that your hard work has finally paid off.

Time to pop the champers!

Affirmation: I have a valuable gift to share with the world

Love & Light people



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