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Starchild Tarot Card Reading for 25th Jan: Not This One Honey

Tuning into a message you most need to hear today, I pulled the King of Cups reversed and the Knight of Cups reversed from the beautiful Starchild Tarot.

Together, these two cards point to a troubled man (or a woman with masculine energy) who may be in a situation he has very little control over and as a result, feels powerless.

On the surface, he’s could’ve had a really stressful week and just wants to get smashed tonight. But these cards together are extreme and suggest he’s reaching breaking-point and his unhappiness could drive him to addictive coping strategies that only hinder emotional balance rather than help, like turning to drink drugs or sex.

Unless he (or she) embraces healthy strategies to deal with their emotions, they’ll be locked in a perpetual cycle, until the emotion is released.

This is common for men who’re taught that they’re weak if they show emotion.

But there’s strength in vulnerability.

When we experience laughter or joy, we love how it feels so we embrace the experience fully. But negative emotions such as grief, anger and fear feel horrid, so we push them away. But we don’t push them out of us, we push them within.

Emotions are energy and all energy needs an unrestricted route to flow through. Any obstructions to the flow of emotions only keep them in place. If the energy becomes chaotic, it creates illness at the physical level.

So, for this individual, he needs support and encouragement to vent his emotions in a healthy way. Scream, cry, stomp…

Pick up a pen and don’t stop writing until the ink runs dry.

But if this sounds like your new beau, be very cautious (tune into your gut, you’ll know) The Knight of Cups Rx AND the King of Cups Rx represents someone who has a tendency to shut down and hide what’s really going on beneath the surface.

If he can deceive himself about his own emotions he can deceive you too.

He knows exactly what to say to get what he wants and lies come easily to him.

Together, these two cards are the classic heartbreaker cards.

Your love is coming, but it’s not this one.

Love & Light


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