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Intuitive Energy Reading

I've set aside some time give you a FREE intuitive energy reading to identify any blocks and guidance, personally for you.

Then, we'll jump on a live Zoom call to reveal what I discovered, and give you laser-focused guidance to help you awaken self-love.

Your intuitive energy reading will reveal the hidden obstacles on your path, along with precise guidance on how to overcome them, without any more guessing games on your part. You're given the exact information you need, right now.

I'll give you the exact health of your chakras, how they're influencing you, plus specific guidance to help you get back into harmony. You may also receive information on significant past lives and what effect they're having on you today, along with spiritual guidance to help you awaken your heart.

Armed with this knowledge, you can overcome your challenges with ease and grace.

But there's a problem.

First, many people believe that self-love isn't possible for them and they give up at the first hurdle.

Second, you can't help but wonder.

Will it really work for you? 

Just as everyone is unique and needs something entirely personal to unlock their Potential and Power, your energy is unique to your Soul's journey. Your experiences, memories, pain, as well as your divine brilliance, are reflected in your energy field. I can get a lot of information about your experience by reading your energy. The information you receive is highly personal and specific to you.

A life full of joy and meaning is available to everyone, and with the right approach and techniques, it can be yours too. By releasing what's holding you back energetically, your life shifts in response.

Here's why I'm doing this.

It's simple.

I know that a certain percentage of people I do this for will want me to be your Energetic Guide through a Love Awakening that Coaching and Psychology can't do alone.

I offer this for free because I'm dedicated to as many people as possible benefiting from the incredible benefits of self-love.

For years, Anxiety and Body Dysmorphia left me struggling with how I felt. I obsessed with my appearance, unable to connect with others and stuck in toxic relationships. It mattered more to me what someone else thought than what I thought of myself and I was so afraid of being abandoned that I silenced my own Truth and put up with disrespect and mistreatment. Simply, my life was one catastrophe after another.

One day, I realised something had to change. 

I applied everything I learned from 15 years of intensive spiritual practice, leading-edge psychology and self-esteem research, then modelled my results. I experienced a complete personal transformation which served the basis for my Kundalini Awakening. I went from living in a continual state of fear to moving through blissful waves of unconditional love.

My relationships and friendships reflect the profound value and respect I hold for myself. I'm free to dance with a life that aligns with my every desire. When you change how you view yourself, you change your reality.

Magic becomes real.

I knew I wasn't alone and was deeply saddened by those who didn't feel they were enough to be loved. Because your entire life emerges from how you feel about yourself, I had to do something to help people see their beauty from within.

If you're attracted to my free workbook, chances are you recognise how a beautiful relationship with yourself will completely change your life.

But rather than try to convince you of how great that'd be, I figured I'd demonstrate that I can help you by ...actually helping you.

For free.

After you get your free Intuitive Energy Reading, one of these three things will happen.

The first possibility is you think the session is no good and I wasted your time.

This has literally never happened, but in the event you feel your time is wasted, I'll immediately send you $100 as compensation for your time.

The second possibility is you might love the session and use the guidance and my Awakening Self-Love workbook to awaken your heart, by yourself.

If that's the case, I'll wish you the very best of luck, and I'll be happy to have helped you.

Now the third and most common scenario is that you're so thrilled with the session that you ask me to guide you through an awakening in your heart. 

In the event that's your decision, here's what happens when we decide to work together.

You'll get...

6 1-on-1 sessions with me

every 2 weeks
for 12 weeks.

For the next 12 weeks I'll dedicate myself to your personal transformation. We'll meet every 2 weeks to allow for learning and your energetic processing.


So you know I have your back,
every step of the way.

In order to shed the old, conditioned you, your past must fall away, so you can rise, fierce and determined as the Phoenix.

This means, you'll be going deep. But I'm there with you every step of the way, whenever you need further insight, help solving a specific problem or just someone to talk to. You can always email and WhatsApp me and I typically reply within a few hours.

Plus a BONUS

Everyone has their favourite. Whether you want more intuitive coaching, to go deeper in healing a specific issue, loved your Akashic Records or Tarot Reading and want more, or need a little extra push to achieve your goals. Whatever you loved the most, you can have more of, and the choice is all yours. With this BONUS you get 7 sessions in total!

You'll be guided step-by-step through a unique system that condenses 15 years of intensive spiritual practice into a five-pillar framework, with concepts and techniques presented in a series of workbooks and guided healing meditations.

My unique approach combines my divine gifts with energy work, coaching and psychology to free you from your pastheal your heart and help you fall in love with you!

It succeeds where purely psychology and coaching approaches fail - because it addresses the energy at the root of your challenges.



You'll learn about your Past Lives, and be entirely released of their influence over you. If the trauma of your Ancestors is active in your energy, this will be resolved too. If you've experienced trauma, Soul Retrieval will reunite your lost parts back into your whole.

You'll discover how your story has been writing for you, then re-write your story, so you're free to be who you choose.



Then, you'll discover your Truth that exists beneath your story and is waiting for you to embrace and voice it. You'll align your life with your Truth to build tonnes of healthy self-love so everything that no longer serves you, simply falls away.

Living your Truth and Purpose are pathways to a passionate life full of meaning. I'll personally channel a message from the Akashic Records about your Gifts to help you discover and align your life with your deeper Purpose.

You'll learn the spiritual principles of enlightenment which will deepen your connection to your Higher Self and Awaken your Divine Gifts. You'll learn how you're creating your reality and how to change it.

Love flows from balance, which is why you'll be initiated into the energies of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to harmonise and integrate your energy with the higher-order energies of unconditional love.


the divine feminine

The Divine Feminine will teach you Self-AcceptanceFlow and Surrender, which are essential for a peaceful heart and unlocking your Power to Manifest. Aligning with love is the most effective way of experiencing and attracting love and these pillars and teachings within, form the building blocks of emerging into an infinite space of unconditional love, by bringing all parts of you into balance - this has incredible potential expand your spiritual practice and create the conditions for your Divine Gifts to unfold.

When you understand the dynamics of energy and apply them to align with and become love, it has profound effects in every area of your life.

Your relationship with yourself becomes a nourishing and supportive source of love, that never disappoints. The more you love yourself, the more enjoyment you get from life, and as your light shines, others are attracted to your buoyant, positive energy.

You're free to be yourself.


the divine masculine

The Divine Masculine will teach you essential lessons in Power. You'll kneel to nobody, yet wish nobody kneel to you. What others say or think about you won't have the same grip on you. Their opinions no longer matter because YOUR energy is your Sacred Space and only that which has permission, may enter.

You'll then unleash your Divine Masculine Fire with purposeful action. With every right move, you'll build oodles of delicious self-love.

Along the way, you'll receive tonnes of intuitive guidance, directly from what I see within your energy field, our guides or Higher Selves. I also work with AngelsArchangels and Ascended Masters who heal you through me. You'll also get a Tarot Reading to help you solve the biggest challenges in your life right now.

This is a unique approach to Self-Love, which is grounded in the Spiritual principles of Unconditional Love. It's entirely holistic, fully integrative and looks at the whole you. 

And, you'll get lifetime access to all material and the tools you need to keep your self-love journey going, long after our sessions end.

With nothing holding you back, what's possible for you?

Here's how much it costs if you decide you want me to heal, support and empower you into the next beautiful chapter of your life.

If you decide you want me to work with you and if I decide we're a good fit, and I'm 100% positive that I can help you, working with me for 12 weeks starts at £997 or three payments of £333.

Yes, it's a great price.


With all of this said, please understand that I'm not offering you a 'sales pitch in disguise'. I promise not to pressure or pester you in any way at all.  

In fact, if you feel I've wasted even one second of your time, let me know, and I'll immediately write you a cheque for $100 to compensate you for your time.

So you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

But, there is a catch, and it's a big one. The "catch" is, I can't help everyone.

For me to do this free work for you, you need to meet some strict (but reasonable) criteria.

You're open to spiritual concepts.

Your sessions are a mixture of healing, coaching and intuitive guidance. Plus, you'll be learning about the dynamics of energy which is overlooked in traditional self-esteem approaches but has powerful and life-changing implications.

You're committed to your transformation.

Make the time for you - this could be one of the most significant healing journeys of your life. Other than our fortnightly session, you'll be shedding the layers of your past and doing exercises to unlock new insights to shift your perception back into neutral. Your meditations are healing based, and you'll be doing energy work during them. Set aside some time for your transformation. You're worth it.

You have to be willing to do the best for yourself.

And be willing to do what it takes to give yourself the best chance at a life which is not just joyful but has depth and meaning. It's okay to be afraid, because I will guide you from fear into love, but you're finally ready to say no to fear and yes to love.

If you meet these three simple rules and want me to give you a free intuitive energy reading personally, here's what to do next.

Schedule a call with me by simply clicking the button below.

Choose your time, then you'll see a form with a few questions about you. It's super simple, takes about 45 seconds to complete, and gives me some basic info about where you are with self-love and what you'd love to accomplish.

I use this info to prepare in advance of our call so we can have the most impactful session together.

Then we'll meet online using Zoom so we can see each other as we chat. I'll hold a safe, supportive space for you to share anything you feel moved to and get you started on the magnificent journey of self-love.

Ready to get started?

I look forward to meeting you in person soon!

Emma x