The Fountain Tarot Knight of Wands Temperance

The Fountain Tarot Card Reading for 5th of Feb: Here’s Why You Need To Step Back

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I just love The Fountain Tarot – Contemporary visuals mixed with soothing pastels bring a modern dimension to Tarot… Love love love!

Onto today’s Free Tarot Reading!

Temperance is a Major Arcana card which reflects deeper life lessons and plainly, is all about balance and moderation.

The Knight of Wand Rx is a Court card which reflects personality traits or people, in your life.⁣

Together, these cards speak of a situation where ineffective action has the potential to throw you off balance and you’re being urged to hold back, make your plans, then move forward when the time is right.

Divine timing is all over this situation.

Things only ever happen when they’re ready.

So catch your breath. Success is coming.

But for now, there’s potential for burn-out.

Learn to feel the rhythm of your heart and body. Know when to pull back, gather your troops then take decisive action…When the time is right.⁣

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