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The Fountain Tarot Card Reading for 6th of Feb: Sadness and Memories

Today’s free Tarot Reading comes from the delicate yet poignant Fountain Tarot

Dishes go unwashed, the shirts un-ironed, plans are cancelled.

Stagnation and solitude envelop you as you lose yourself in sweeter times when nothing else seemed to matter but them.⁣

You comfort yourself with your memories, wishing, praying for a return… But you can only overlook reality for so long.⁣

These cards are urging you to honour your history but to stand up, dust yourself off and shift your focus to something that nourishes your soul.⁣

Perhaps you’ve lost someone and moving on is painful. Perhaps you’re remembering your childhood, whether blissful or difficult. Perhaps you’re in a relationship and you’re no longer getting the love you once did.⁣

Or perhaps, you’re ready to release old beliefs that limit your progression.

Whatever it is, honour and respect your journey as an opportunity to strengthen and grow.

Search for and integrate the lessons, then scream, cry, stomp, shout. Let the pain out, then start creating beautiful memories rather than living in your old ones.⁣ ⁣

Love & Light,


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