Wild Unknown Tarot Cards Daughter of Wands 6 of Pentacles

The Wild Unknown Tarot Reading for 13th Feb: Why Giving Too Much is Hurting the Relationship With Yourself

The Wild Unknown Tarot Reading for 13th Feb

Today I tuned into messages for your free Tarot Reading about love from the beautifully grounding Wild Unknown Tarot and I pulled the Daughter of Wands Reversed and the Six of Coins Reversed.

Passion, optimism and excitement turn to disappointment as you wait for a return on your affections… Just a little… Just something…⁣

He’s not putting the same work in and now you’re wondering why you even bothered in the first place. It feels as if you’ve run out of road but this could be a temporary stopgap.

A lull. An ebb before the flow.⁣

Or, the calm before the storm.

Assess the relationship dynamic carefully, without projecting needs or opinions onto it.

Step into their shoes for a moment… Is this symptomatic of an issue ignored too long, or is your beau going through something that requires your compassion?⁣ ⁣ Perhaps it’s about respect? Are attentions wandering? Or perhaps you’ve a pattern of giving too much from a need to be loved and your perceived ‘value’ has reduced in their eyes.⁣

If it’s the latter, take an honest look at the relationship you have with yourself. Is it loving? Supportive? Are you afraid of losing love, so much that you squeeze it too tightly in your palm?⁣

Whatever it is, some soul-searching and an honest conversation are needed. But most of all, love and honour yourself first.⁣

Affirmation: “I am loveable and experience loving relationships”⁣

Until the next time…

Love & Light

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