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What are Tarot Cards?

For over 500 years Tarot has been used to predict the future and unravel the mysteries of the universe. The first recorded Tarot Deck was made for Italian Nobles! It’s thought Tarot originated as a game but other theories suggest the Tarot was used to hide the secrets of the Tree of Life.

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards that represent a spectrum of human experience and can be used to:

  • Deconstruct complex issues
  • Heal relationships with others and yourself
  • Get a deep understanding of what troubles you
  • Understand how different choices will impact you
  • Heal your past wounds, by knowing how to release them
  • Unlock hidden parts of yourself and gather your lost pieces
  • Know exactly what is holding you back and how to overcome it
  • Understand your conditioning and how it manifests in your everyday life

And lastly!

  • Predict the future

Tarot shows an endlessly shifting stream of possibilities, which change depending on the actions you take and can be used to get a snapshot of your life, offering solutions to move into a more balanced, peaceful place.

Let’s break Tarot down a bit more

A deck of Tarot Cards are split up like this:

22 Major Arcana Cards

40 Minor Arcana Cards

16 Court Cards

Each card has an Element (Courts have two!)

Wands = Fire Masculine, Active

Cups = Water Feminine, Passive

Swords = Air Masculine, Active

Pentacles = Earth Feminine, Passive

What Are Tarot Cards Four Elements Fire Water Air Earth

Wands are represented by the element Fire and symbolise the raw force of creation that ignites ambition, willpower, passions, motivations, spirits. Wands people are athletes, leaders, salespeople or entrepreneurs who have a real go-getting spirit that drives them to succeed!

Cups are represented by the element Water and symbolise the ever-changing landscape of emotions – flowing, fluid, changeable. From new loves to friendships. Cups symbolise the stirrings of the unconscious, psychic abilities, intuition and are creative types, artists, poets, romantics.

Swords are represented by the element Air and symbolise intellect, communication, strategy and the burden of thought and its many trappings. Swords are the writers, great thinkers or mathematicians who value rationale over impulse.

Pentacles are represented by the element Earth and deal with everything related to financial and physical security in the material realm; what comes in and leaves our possession. Pentacles are the hard-working business owners and financiers. Industrious and conscientious with money on their mind!

Each card is covered in symbolism that could be as subtle as colour, or intricate as Kabbala or Biblical references. Every card shows a scene which represents an experience or state of being… felt deeply and on a soul level with the Major Arcana, in everyday life in the Minor Arcana and within personality dynamics of the Court Cards.

Major Arcana

The Major Arcana cards embody primal energies which are symbolic of archetypes. Beginning at 0 with the Fool and ending with 22 in the World, the journey of the Fool marks the soul’s evolution as it passes through the lessons of each card, growing in worldly wisdom as the Fool evolves.

Court Cards

The 16 Court Cards represent the complexities of human personality in their various colours and shades. From the good to the downright ugly, all of human attitude is expressed in the Courts.

Fun fact: each court card has been matched to a Myers-Briggs personality type!

Minor Arcana

Minor cards run from new beginnings of the Ace to the mature cycles in the 10s and express the hard-won triumphs or passing heartbreaks of our day-to-day lives.

By asking the right questions and interpreting correctly, almost every imaginable situation can be shown in the Tarot!

How Does Tarot Work?

I’m hardly a Quantum Physicist but take a look at the info graphic then hear my theory.

Looking at the principle of ‘like attracts like’, when we focus our pure intent on something the energy around us reacts and responds.

Let’s also consider that thoughts produce energy and therefore frequencies.

So, when we shuffle the cards and focus on the question we’re seemingly engaging in a random act but actually, energy is responding to the frequency of our thoughts and our intent.

Simply, Tarot is a little bit of magic.

Answers can be found everywhere.

The Oracles of Delphi made prophecies by watching lightning in the sky.

Coffee readers in Turkey analyse coffee residue in cups.

In geomancy you predict the future with the patterns of tumbled stones placed into a chart.

The list goes on and on!

Free Will vs Fate

While there are larger energies that influence how events play out, I place huge emphasis on free will.

As you make choices, the path of your life changes in response. You are quite literally the creator of your own destiny and Tarot helps you create a destiny you want.

Are Tarot Cards Bad?

No way! But your result depends on the intent of the reader. Not to say there are Tarot Readers with bad intent, but I approach Tarot with the very purest intent, to find the most healing and transformative answers.

A few rotten apples give Tarot Readers and ‘Fortune Tellers’ a bad rap. A recent story I heard was someone walking away from an Astrology reading where they were told they’d die at 41.

That ‘prediction’ ate away at them for 20 years until finally the year passed and they didn’t in fact, die.

Imagine how much fear and anxiety this poor chap poured into believing this prediction and how many years he wasted believing it would come true?

I can’t emphasise how important it is for you to always stand in your personal power and use your discernment. If something doesn’t resonate with you, throw it away!

The cards are a guide but you are the creator of your destiny.

Words are powerful and can be used to tear down or empower. I’m careful to treat my clients with respect and their problems with delicacy, making my readings as realistic but as empowering as possible, so my clients walk away feeling they have options rather than some dreadful fate which is set in stone. Never!

Everything is a choice.

Do Tarot Cards Bring Spirits?

I have been reading Tarot for years and I’m extremely sensitive to energies in my environment. Not once have I ever attracted a spirit to me through the reading of Tarot.

The way I look at it is, when you ask your question and shuffle the cards, you’re interfacing with the web of life that connects and holds information on all things.

And, life energy is love energy 🙂

Sometimes I connect in with my soul or my angels for guidance. It’s all in how you set up your session and frame the question!

But Tarot is entirely benevolent and is dualistic, showing delicate ranges of balance, with a view of bringing the subject of the reading back into the most balanced place possible.

Can Tarot Cards be Wrong?

Tarot Cards reflect what’s happening within your consciousness. As your consciousness changes, so do the cards.

Strong emotions can influence the reading. For example, if you approached the Tarot with a broken heart, the Tarot will toss up 3 of Swords, 10 of Swords, etc, reflecting your pain and sorrow. Equally, if you approached Tarot with sunshine and rainbows, the Tarot might give you The Sun and 4 of Wands!

Sometimes those emotions can overpower the reading.

This is why it’s so helpful to get a reading from somebody who is not connected to your situation, so strong emotions can’t influence the reading.

The ability to change an outcome depends on how mature a situation is and how many people are involved. Sometimes a random card can get thrown into the spread but the cards to watch out for are the ones that come up repeatedly, over and over. Usually, the Tarot is protecting us by warning us to stay away from person, place or thing. It only ever has your best interests at heart.

The only thing you ever truly have control of are your own reactions. If you change your thoughts you change your emotions. Change your mindset and change your life

So yes, sometimes the cards can be wrong if the reader’s emotions are getting in the way, or if you’re fixated on a particular outcome and you interpret the cards based on your fears or desires.

Are Tarot Cards Accurate?

Oh my goodness, I wouldn’t be a Tarot Reader if the cards weren’t accurate!

Sometimes I’m amazed at what a powerfully transformative tool Tarot is. Sometimes all it takes is some objective advice to nudge you in the direction of a life-altering shift in perspective, which is why I combine it with Energy Healing, Reiki and Angel Healing to create super powerful sessions for my clients.

One thing I love about Tarot is when the same sequence of cards comes up over and over… With the same cards jumping out of the deck. That’s when you really sit up and pay attention!

Put simply, Tarot mirrors the passage of the soul and reflects an entire spectrum of human experience.

“A prisoner devoid of books had he only a Tarot of which he knew how to make use, could in a few years acquire a universal science, and converse with an unequalled doctrine and inexhaustible eloquence.”

Eliphas Levi

And in modern english:

“Give a Prisoner a deck of Tarot cards and you give him the map of the universe”

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