Wild Unknown Tarot Cards Empress 3 of Wands

Wild Unknown Tarot Reading: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Free Tarot Reading!

Here’s your free Tarot Reading for Valentines day, from one of my favourite decks, The Wild Unknown! 💕

He loves me.. He loves me not… He loves me… Oh yea he loves you, girl!

Mmm! You’ve sprung into full bloom, standing in your full feminine power. Radiant. Exuberant. Divine.

It pours off you and your energy is irresistible.

Lofty hopes finally becoming grounded, as deep conversations of commitment with plans for the future and other….additions…. Are auspicious today!

Together, the Empress and the long-term growth of the Three of Wands hints at engagements and pregnancies, all lovingly grounded with long-term success and hope for your future.

What a wonderful day to bring this energy home.

Happy Valentines to all of you out there!

…And… Congratulations!!!

Namaste people!

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